Making A Difference in The Lives of Our Clients

Our Success lies in the results we've achieved.

Cheryll and her team her so friendly and helpful right from the start! After months and months of looking with no luck, we contacted Cheryll - after one conversation with her I knew we were in good hands.

Relocating in a hurry

When I first met with the Brownings, they were very concerned and anxious since they had been listed with another broker for 6 months with no offers. They needed to relocate to Texas for a job transfer and felt very “under the gun”.  After reviewing their previous marketing, or lack thereof, we were able to come up with a very pro-active marketing approach to getting their home sold for top dollar.  Within a week, the Brownings were under contract at a price ABOVE their previous asking price!  From the day I met them to the day they were driving away to Texas was less than 60 days.  Needless to say, I was able to lower their stress level and allow them to focus on their move and the exciting future ahead.

Ease In A Difficult Time

Probate sales require a very specific skill set.  Tom Manning had inherited his brother’s house in Newport Beach—but Tom lives in Wisconsin.  Our team assessed the property and the work required to bring it to market.  We obtained the bids, scheduled the work and were able to bring the home to market within 30 days.  After receiving multiple offers the first weekend, Tom accepted a price HIGHER than the last sale in the neighborhood, which frankly, was unheard of.  Tom never had to travel to the West Coast, and was able to settle his brother’s estate from the comfort of his living room in Wisconsin. Our team is committed to putting our clients interests first to ensure they reach their real estate objectives with as little stress as possible.  With 25+ years experience, we have the knowledge, experience and skills to accomplish that.

Realtor For Life 

Last year I was contacted by Carla who asked if I could help her elderly mother sell her home, move closer to Carla, and get a reverse mortgage to help finance her retirement. The home was in disrepair, but our team immediately went to work getting bids to fix the home and up to selling standard, which was a fun project. We were able to sell the home quickly and get Carla’s mom settled into her smaller home with her reverse mortgage in place.  One year later, the entire family has given me countless referrals helping family & friends with their real estate needs.  I’ve become their “realtor for life.”

From Starter To Dream Home

Jenny had been in the market for 4 months with another broker.  Needless to say, she was very skeptical of me, and realtors, in general.  When we met, she shared how she had found her dream home but was unable to buy because of her current agent’s inability to sell her home.  I was very direct with her on the steps needed to get her home sold for a great price, and laid out my plan on how to get this all accomplished for her.  After 2 weeks of marketing and staging time, the home sold the first weekend and garnered multiple offers.  Finally, she was able to buy her “dream home!” The timing worked out seamlessly and we had Jenny and her cats safely in their new house within 2 ½ months—start to finish!