Waterfront Town Steps Away From An Urban Sprawl


Gig Harbor, WA is a small coastal city located in the state of Washington located in Pierce County. With a population of 9,507 (2017) people and 11 constituent neighborhoods, Gig Harbor is the 105th largest community in Washington.

Gig Harbor is a nautical city, which means that parts of it touch the ocean or bodies of water, such as inlets and bays.


Discovered in 1840 and incorporated in 1946, Gig Harbor is one of the most picturesque small cities in America. Named after the Wilkes Expedition in which the crew entered the harbor in a longboat called a "captain's gig." These three fishermen rowed from British Columbia to Gig Harbor, where they decided to call home.

Declared as "The gateway to the Olympic Peninsula." Gig Harbor is located in the Puget Sound across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma.

It's proximity to several state and city parks, along with its historic waterfront that includes boutiques and fine dining, Gig Harbor has gradually been climbing up the ranks as a desirable location to live.

Gig Harbor Real Estate

Gig Harbor home prices are listed among the most costly in Washington while consistently ranked among the most expensive in America.

Popular Gig Harbor Neighborhoods

Forest Beach / Sunrise Beach

City Center

Cromwell / Bayview

Purdy / Canterwood





Shore Acres



The Peninsula School District is the district covering the city of Gig Harbor and the peninsula.[18]

High schools

Middle schools

  • Goodman Middle School

  • Kopachuck Middle School

  • Key Peninsula Middle School

  • Harbor Ridge Middle School

  • St. Nicholas Catholic School

Elementary schools

  • Artondale Elementary

  • Harbor Heights Elementary

  • Discovery Elementary

  • Purdy Elementary

  • Voyager Elementary

  • Vaughn Elementary

  • St. Nicholas Catholic School

Gig Harbor, WA Stats

  • Altitude: Sea level to 440 feet

  • Average Annual Rainfall: 37 inches (Wettest month is December, driest month is July)

  • Average Seasonal Temperatures: Summer 65 degrees Fahrenheit (F) to 80 F / 35 F to 50 F

  • Current Population: 10,320


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